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AAA turquoise, coral, Bali silver make a striking combination.  Turquoise is very soft, so it has been stabilized to make it more durable.  The clasp is a sterling silver leaf hook.
       Necklace                                     Matching Earrings
Length     :  19 1/2"                          Prod. Code:  S1-263
Prod. Code:  S1-262                          Price       :  $ 21.50
Price       :  $ 87.00

This soft sky blue necklace is made of glass cubes.  The clasp is a lobster claw.
    Necklace                                Matching Earrings
Length     :  14"                         Prod. Code:  S1-44
Prod. Code:  S1-47                    Price       :  $ 12.50
Price       :  $ 29.50
Blue green firepolish beads spell summer to me.  The clasp is a sterling silver "S" which makes it easy to hook from either side.
    Necklace                                   Matching Earrings
Length     :  18"                           Prod. Code:  S1-135
Prod. Code:  S1-88                       Price       :  $ 9.50
Price       :  $ 19.00
Chinese cloisonne beads stand out on this beautiful blue necklace.  The clasp is a goldtone toggle.  The earring design is my own, you won't find them elsewhere.
    Necklace                                   Matching earrings
Length     :  25 3/4"                     Prod. Code:  S1-287
Prod. Code:  S1-286                     Price       :  $ 17.50
Price       :  $ 81.00                               
Beautiful Botswana agate and Bali silver and little onyx beads.  The clasp is a sterling silver leaf hook.  The matching bracelet clasp is a silver lobster claw.  If bracelets are difficult to put on, you might consider a helper in the miscellaneous section.
    Necklace                              Matching bracelet
Length     :  20 1/2"                Length     :
Prod. Code:  S1-427                Prod. Code:  S1-433
Price       :  $ 76.50                 Price       :  $ 31.00
Mother of pearl, black onyx beads and sterling silver hook clasp.  This piece gets a lot of oooos and aaaahs.   I have another one without the beautiful leaf if you prefer.
   Necklace                         Matching earrings
Length     :  18 1/2"           Prod. Code:  S1-154
Prod. Code:  S1-203           Price       :  $ 17.00
Price       :  $ 77.00
The largest of the mother of pearl squares are an inch wide.  There are tiger eye cubes and black onyx beads between the squares. The clasp is a goldtone toggle.
   Necklace                       Matching earrings
Length     :  17"              Prod. Code:  S1-543
Prod. Code:  S1-542        Price        :  $ 13.00
Price       :  $ 35.00
Montana blue beads and sterling silver tubes with a lobster claw clasp.  The matching earrings are sold as a set.
Length     :  18"
Prod. Code:  S1-83
Price       :  $ 45.00
New Zealand abalone called "paua" with blue/gray pearls and sterling beads.  The clasp is a large sterling silver leaf.  Please click on the picture and look at the large version to see how beautiful this is.
   Necklace                              Matching earrings
Length     :  25"                    Prod. Code:  S1-193
Prod. Code:  S1-192               Price       :  $ 16.00
Price       :  $ 119.00
All different colors of metal with a toggle clasp.  These pieces are very lightweight.
Necklace      19"     
Prod. Code:  S1-466
Price       :  $ 21.00

Bracelet      7.5"
Prod. Code:  S1-471
Price       :  $ 16.00

Prod. Code:  S1-472
Price       :  $ 9.00
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