Salvation Bracelet
A great conversation starter about Jesus.
Swarovski crystal, Bali silver and sterling silver cross.  Each color tells a story. A card explaining the colors will be included with each bracelet.  See sample below.
Length:  7 1/2"    Prod. Code:  CJ1-368     Price: $40.00
Length:  9"          Prod. Code:  CJ1-295     Price:  $44.00
The Salvation Bracelet Definition Card
Will be enclosed with each bracelet purchased.
Glass and silvertone beads make this Salvation bracelet with a sterling cross and toggle clasp.
Length        :  7 1/2"
Product code:  CJ-360
Price          :  $19.00

Sterling silver cross earrings.  The crosses match the cross on the Salvation bracelet.
Prod. Code:  CJ1-292
Price       :  $ 17.50
Clear quartz triangles with "Faith", "God" and "Hope" in silver.  Little black beads set them off.  The following bracelet and earrings match this piece.
Length     :  17"  with extender chain
Prod. Code:  CJ1-456
Price       :  $ 54.00
The words "Love", "Believe" and "Peace" in sterling silver among the quartz crystal triangles in this beautiful bracelet.  It matches the necklace and earrings to make a beautiful set.
Length     :  7" on a heavy duty stretch cord.  No clasp to struggle with.
Prod. Code:  CJ1=457
Price       :  $ 32.00
Clear quartz triangles with black beads make beautiful earrings to go with the necklace and bracelet before it.
Prod. Code:  CJ1-458
Price       :  $ 13.50