Beautiful handmade lampwork glass beads accented with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver beads.  It also has a prayer box that says LOVE on the side.
Length     :  7 .5"
Prod. Code:  B1-608
Price       :   $68.00

This is a large beautiful Bali and sterling silver bead bracelet.
      Length:  7 1/4"
        Price:  $68.00
Prod. Code:  B1-624

Turquoise and coral/navy blue colored beads with Bali silver and a sterling clasp.
Length     :  6 1/2"
Prod. Code:  B1-463
Price       :  $ 24.00

Captivating pink cat's eye beads with Bali silver and a sterling silver LOVE prayer box.
Length     :  7 1/2"
Prod. Code:  B1-609
Price       :  $ 41.00

Bold Botswana agate is fascinating and beautiful.  The beads are about an inch long and are puffed rectangles.  Please tell me the length you need.
Length     :  7"
Prod. Code:  B1-641
Price       :  $ 34.00

Interesting shapes of cobalt beads with Bali beads and a sterling silver clasp.
Length     :  7 1/4"
Prod. Code:  B1-537
Price       :  $ 32.00

Orange quartz and Bali silver make a striking combination.  The quartz is more luminous than shows in the picture.
Length     :  7 1/4"
Prod. Code:  B1-375
Price       :  $ 26.00

Light green inside clear petal glass beads with a lobster claw clasp.  Perfect for summer. Length     :  7"
Prod. Code:  B1-616
Price       :  $26.00

Click on each picture to see the close-up
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